Students may earn a minor in Humanities by successfully completing 18 hours. Within those 18 hours, students must select two courses from the HU 140 - HU 146 series for a subtotal of six credits. Students must also complete one course from each of the categories Narrative, Speculative, and Religion and Fine Arts and one additional course from any category for a subtotal of 12 credits.

Humanities 140 Series
Any 2 courses from the HU140 series6
HU 305Modern Literature3
HU 310American Literature3
HU 325Exploring Film3
HU 330Values and Ethics3
HU 335Technology and Modern Civilization3
HU 341World Philosophy3
Religion and Fine Arts
HU 320Aesthetics of Visual and Musical Arts3
HU 345Comparative Religions3
HU 355Creative Writing3
Total Credits Required18

HU 399/HU 499 may be included with advance permission of the department chair.