B.S. in Safety Management

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Bachelor of Science in Safety Management

The Bachelor of Science in Safety Management (BSSM) program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to allow them to operate as competent leaders, managers, and practitioners within the field of safety management. Students will develop not only technical understanding and expertise, but also a practical and analytical approach to problem solving that will allow them to address a range of industry-related safety challenges.

The BSSM program offers students with the opportunity to apply principles of safety and health in a non-academic setting through an intern, cooperative, or supervised experience. Students are eligible to engage in cooperative study/internships and may elect to seek out those enriching opportunities.

The Worldwide Campus is appropriately positioned to offer the Bachelor of Science in Safety Management program; the Worldwide Campus has expertise in multi-modal curriculum delivery, as well as experience delivering graduate programs to a widely dispersed student population.


General Education

General Education
Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical and Life Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science may be chosen from the list below, assuming prerequisite requirements are met. Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified.
Communication Theory and Skills
ENGL 123English Composition3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
Humanities elective3
Social Sciences
ECON 210Microeconomics3
or ECON 211 Macroeconomics
Social Science elective3
Physical and Life Science
PHYS 102Explorations in Physics3
BIOL 107Elements of Biological Science3
MATH 140College Algebra3
MATH 142Trigonometry3
Computer Science
CSCI 109Introduction to Computers and Applications3
Total Credits36


Safety Management Core
SFTY 201Introduction to Health, Occupational, and Transportation Safety3
SFTY 205Principles of Accident Investigation3
SFTY 311Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health3
SFTY 315Environmental Compliance and Safety3
SFTY 321Ergonomics3
SFTY 326System Safety3
SFTY 355Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology3
SFTY 365Fire Protection3
SFTY 440System Safety Management3
SFTY 450Loss Control & Insurance3
FIRE 201Fire-Related Human Behavior3
FIRE 305Fire Prevention Organization and Management3
EMGY 310Fundamentals of Emergency Management3
BSSM 490Safety Management Capstone Course3
Total Credits42
Safety Management Program Support
PSYC 220Introduction to Psychology3
MATH 222Business Statistics3
MGMT 201Principles of Management3
MGMT 317Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 325Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management3
MGMT 371Leadership3
CHEM 139General Chemistry I3
CHEM 141General Chemistry I Laboratory1
RSCH 202Introduction to Research Methods3
Total Credits25
Select one of the four Safety Management Specializations
Total Degree Requirements121


Occupational Safety Management

Occupational Safety Management
SFTY 341Occupational Safety and Health Program Management3
SFTY 410Design of Engineering Hazard Controls3
SFTY 420Systems Design for Fire & Life Safety3
SFTY 470Advanced Occupational Safety and Health Technology3
SFTY 421Ergonomics II3
SFTY 415Human Reliability and Safety Analysis3
Total Credits18

Aviation Safety Management

Aviation Safety Management
SFTY 320Human Factors in Aviation Safety3
SFTY 330Aircraft Accident Investigation3
SFTY 345Aviation Safety Program Management3
SFTY 350Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management3
SFTY 409Aviation Safety3
SFTY 462Health, Safety and Aviation Law3
Total Credits18

 Construction Safety Management

Construction Safety Management
BSSM 410Safety and Health Regulations for Construction3
SFTY 360Construction Safety3
SFTY 410Design of Engineering Hazard Controls3
SFTY 420Systems Design for Fire & Life Safety3
MGMT 453Construction Scheduling & Control3
MGMT 457Facilities & Construction Safety Systems3
Total Credits18

Emergency Management

Emergency Management
EMGY 400Introduction to Incident Command System3
EMGY 405Disaster Policy and Management3
EMGY 430Emergency Management and Contingency Planning3
ESVS 301Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency Services3
ESVS 403Disaster Planning and Control3
ESVS 404Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials3
Total Credits18