M.S. in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability

The Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge and comprehensive decision making skills to act as forward thinking managers of aviation and aerospace industry programs.
In the program aviation/aerospace sustainability is examined from two perspectives: 1) aviation and aerospace industries as business entities needing to remain viable and 2) as value added partners in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for conservation or renewability of the world’s resources. Today many aviation and aerospace industries operate on a global scale and require an in depth understanding of both viewpoints to sustain as well as advance operations. The MSAAS will provide a collaborative learning environment rich with opportunities to challenge current thought processes, work in autonomous or group settings and connect with diverse populations across the world.



ASCI 602The Air Transportation System3
AASI 600Sustainable Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives3
RSCH 665Statistical Analysis3
RSCH 670Research Methods3
AASI 691Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability Graduate Capstone3
Total Credits15


Take 3 College of Aeronautics (COA) Graduate Level Courses. Students may take no more than 2 of 4 suggested courses outside of COA: MHSR 530, MBAA 514, MGMT 653, LGMT 682.
Select one Specialization from the list below:
Total Degree Requirements36


Aviation/Aerospace Sustainable Management
Aviation and Aerospace Sustainable Organizations
Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Development and Diversity
Integrated Logistics in Aviation Management
Managerial Finance
Aviation/Aerospace Sustainable Systems
Sustainable Technical Systems Communications
Aviation and Aerospace Sustainable Techniques
Production and Procurement Management in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry
Aviation/Aerospace System Safety