Minor in Helicopter Operations and Safety

Helicopter operations represent a multidisciplinary component of the aviation industry with over 55 designated missions. The helicopter has exceptional versatility, which is instrumental in the continued growth of the industry.  Students are exposed to historical, manufacturing, safety and operational aspects of the helicopter industry.  To comprehend these aspects, students are exposed to physiological issues, challenges in flight environments, newest technologies, the integration of aviation safety, and combining it all together to learn and apply to an actual helicopter operation.  This program was designed with the helicopter industry to provide students with applicable knowledge essential to understanding its multidisciplinary aspects.

ASCI 317Rotorcraft3
ASCI 378Helicopter Flight Environments3
ASCI 388Helicopter Flight Planning3
ASCI 428Advanced Helicopter Systems and Functions3
ASCI 438Advanced Helicopter Operations3
SFTY 409Aviation Safety3
Total Credits18