Minor in Transportation

The field of transportation provides rewarding opportunities in multiple careers paths. Transportation is an ever changing ubiquitous and expanding industry that requires professionals with the capability to safely operate, use, and manage the many modes of transportation systems around the globe. The minor in Transportation will provide the skills and knowledge enabling an individual to become successful in an industry that is the foundation of our modern economy. There is a consistent and growing demand for skilled professionals in all modes of transportation providing outstanding opportunities in the business, commercial, government, and military sectors. Through this minor course of study you will acquire the background to the essential principles, including the regulatory and legal concepts, necessary for a successful and rewarding career in an industry that on a daily basis affects all of us worldwide.

Not open to BS in Transportation students.

TRAN 274Transportation Science3
TRAN 301Transportation Legislation3
TRAN 351Urban Transportation and City Planning3
TRAN 401Transportation and the Environment3
TRAN 411Strategic Intermodal Alliances3
TRAN 421Transportation Safety and Security3
Total Credits18