Minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) represent a significantly growing segment of the aviation/aerospace industry that provides an important capabilities modifier for military, civil, and commercial users. Understanding the historical background, development, integration, and application of this technology, coupled with a detailed comprehension of the regulatory framework, support requirements, advantages and limitations, industry needs, elemental composition, and planning provisions, provides students with the knowledge necessary to succeed in this field. Through this minor course of study you will gain exposure and experience connected to the fundamental concepts, principles, and methods associated with the use, development, configuration, and support of UAS and the associated technology.

ASCI 315Unmanned Aerial Systems and Operations3
ASCI 316Operational and Business Aspects of Unmanned Aerial Systems3
ASCI 318Unmanned Aerial Systems Robotics3
ASCI 404Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law3
ASCI 406Airborne Law Enforcement3
ASCI 410Unmanned Systems Sensing Technology3
Total Credits18