A.S. in Technical Management - Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) Technical Specializations

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Associates Technical Management

In partnership with Microsoft, ERAU is proud to offer this exciting new bridge between one great career and another.  This partnership brings the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (or MSSA) within our acclaimed Associate in Science in Technical Management (ASTM) degree program, at selected military bases within the US.  As an ASTM – MSSA student, you’ll be part of a cohort of students studying a selected area of applied information technologies specialization based on the schedule of classes at your military duty station or affiliated ERAU teaching site.  You’ll take five technically-focused software and systems courses and one Math course to complete the Specialization; along the way, you’ll be able to complete the rest of your ASTM  degree requirements in either traditional face-to-face, online or hybrid class formats.

In addition, if you’re a qualifying active duty Service member or recently separated Veteran, you may be eligible for additional career-enhancing services, direct from Microsoft – including the possibility of a job interview with Microsoft or one of its Technology Partner companies.

If you’re already enrolled in our ASTM program, great! You can switch to the MSSA specialization, provided you meet its specific enrollment requirements.

Leaving active duty to go into the private sector, you know that your skills, credentials and education are critical to your successful transition to a new way of life.  Employers see a college degree as a demonstration of your knowledge, motivation, and persistence — qualities that will set you above and apart from the pack.  The Associate in Science in Technical Management program will appeal to your background, interests, and talents and give you a competitive edge in your career, too.  This curriculum was developed to give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to marshal the resources of any organization toward its goals. Over the course of this program, you’ll learn to organize, plan, staff, and coordinate physical assets as well as personnel.  When combined with the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy specialization courses, this gives you unrivaled cutting-edge knowledge, skills and abilities combined with business and management savvy!


General Education

General Education
Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, and Humanities and Social Sciences may be chosen from those listed, assuming prerequisite requirements are met. Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified.
Communication Theory and Skills
ENGL 123English Composition3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
Humanities elective (lower or upper level)3
Social Sciences
ECON 210Microeconomics3
ECON 211Macroeconomics3
Physical and Life Science lower-level elective
Physics/Biology/Meteorology/Chemistry, etc.6
MATH 111College Mathematics for Aviation I *3
MATH 112College Mathematics for Aviation II3
or MATH 320 Decision Mathematics
Computer Science
CSCI 109Introduction to Computers and Applications3
* To be eligible for Microsoft’s enhanced career services support, you’ll need to complete at least MATH 106. If you’re going on to complete the ASTM (or BSTM) degree, you will need to complete MATH 111 to meet degree program requirements.
Total Credits36


MGMT 201Principles of Management3
MGMT 203Management for Aeronautical Science3
MGMT 210Financial Accounting3
Total Credits9

Electives/MSSA Technical Specializations

Specialization Learning Path Cohort15
Each 18-week cohort will only concentrate on one technical specialization, which is shown in the schedule of offerings for each specific military base hosting this program. Once students are enrolled with the appropriate base and its scheduled set of courses, students and fellow classmates – the cohort – may take MATH 106 and five ISTA courses that serve the appropriate specialization.
If multiple Specialization learning paths are taken, total credit hours to complete the ASTM degree will exceed 60 credit hours.
Total Degree Requirements60
Database & Business Intelligence Administrator (Not currently available for enrollment.)
ISTA 210Database Fundamentals3
ISTA 310SQL Server Administration and T-SQL3
ISTA 312Implementing Data Warehouses and Databases3
ISTA 410Data Modeling and Reporting3
ISTA 412Designing Business Intelligence Solutions3
Cloud Applications Developer
ISTA 220Programming in C#3
ISTA 320Advanced Web Apps Development3
ISTA 322Developing ASP.NET Web Applications3
ISTA 420SQL and Application Development3
ISTA 422Azure Application Development3
Server and Cloud Administrator
ISTA 230Networking and Server Fundamentals3
ISTA 330Windows Server Configuration and Management3
ISTA 332Configuring Advanced Windows Server Services3
ISTA 430Configuring and Deploying Private Cloud Systems3
ISTA 432Building Azure Infrastructures3
Cybersecurity Administrator
CYBR 155Foundations of Information Security3
CYBR 235Computer and Network Technologies3
CYBR 335Information Security Tools and Techniques3
CYBR 365Introduction to Digital Forensics3
CYBR 465Cybercrime and Cyberlaw3