A.S. in Technical Management

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Associates Technical ManagementYou’re a skilled professional in a technical field, but you’re ready to advance. You’re looking for a move into the management ranks, seeking the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that go along with it. The Associate in Science in Technical Management program from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University — Worldwide can take you there.

In today’s workplace, a college degree has never been more important. Employers see it as a demonstration of knowledge, motivation, and persistence — qualities that will set you above and apart from the pack. The Associate in Science in Technical Management program will appeal to your background, interests, and talents and give you a competitive edge in your career, too.

The Associate in Science in Technical Management curriculum was developed to give students the skills to marshal the resources of any organization toward its goals. Over the course of this program, students learn to organize, plan, staff, and coordinate physical assets as well as personnel.


General Education

General Education
Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, and Humanities and Social Sciences may be chosen from those listed, assuming prerequisite requirements are met. Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified.
Communication Theory and Skills
ENGL 123English Composition3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
Humanities elective (lower or upper level)3
Social Sciences
ECON 210Microeconomics3
ECON 211Macroeconomics3
Physical and Life Science lower-level elective
Physics/Biology/Meteorology/Chemistry, etc.6
MATH 111College Mathematics for Aviation I3
MATH 112College Mathematics for Aviation II3
or MATH 320 Decision Mathematics
Computer Science
CSCI 109Introduction to Computers and Applications3
Total Credits36


MGMT 201Principles of Management3
MGMT 203Management for Aeronautical Science3
MGMT 210Financial Accounting3
MGMT 221Introduction to Management Information Systems3
Total Credits12


Technical Transfer Credit or COB Minor or MGMT Electives9
If technical transfer credit is not applicable, the 9 hours can ONLY be used toward College of Business (COB) minors. If no minor is chosen, then MGMT electives have to be courses at the 200-300-400 level.
Open Electives (Lower or Upper Level)3
May be used for Minors in other Departments
May be used for College of Business or non College of Business Minors.
Total Degree Requirements60