M.S. in Information Security and Assurance

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Masters Aeronautical Science

Complex, emerging threats to information quality and security make it difficult to protect a company’s profits, performance and reputation. Add to this a scarcity of high-level leaders who grasp both the technical and business aspects of information assurance, and we face the prospect of a perfect storm of information risks.

That’s why Embry-Riddle has created this MSISA degree for professionals who aspire to leadership positions in the information security arena. Curriculum is offered through the College of Business and focuses on the technology and business aspects of how information security drives enterprise-wide strategy and success. Degree specializations are available in Protecting Business Intelligence, Information Systems Security and Information Assurance in a Global Context.

The MSISA is delivered with an interdisciplinary approach that makes the learning applicable to any industry. Choose this degree if you strive to excel as a strong decision maker driving enterprise-wide policies.

MSISA Program Notes:

1)  It is strongly suggested that MISA 501 and then MISA 502 be the first two courses a student takes in their degree program. Many other classes build on this knowledge.



Information Security & Assurance Core
MISA 501Assured Business Systems: Managing and Protecting the Information Systems Enterprise3
MISA 502Risk Management and Business Continuity3
MISA 503Informatics: Security Implications of Cross-Disciplinary Computing3
MISA 504Enterprise Systems Architectures for Information Assurance3
MISA 505Incident Management and Information Forensics3
MISA 506Cyber Law, Cyber Compliance, and Information Assurance3
MISA 507Quality Management for Information Assurance3
Total Credits21


Specialization or Electives Credits9
Electives: Complete a total of 9 credit hours (3 classes) from any College of Business unduplicated courses. No specialization will be earned for this option.
Specializations: Choose any specialization and select 9 credit hours (3 classes) within that specialization. Students wishing to complete multiple specializations will usually be required to take an additional 9 semester hours (3 classes) to earn the second specialization.
Total Degree Requirements30


Protecting Business Intelligence Specialization
MMIS 521Data Warehousing and Information Quality3
MMIS 522Business Analytics, Social Network and Web Analytics3
MISA 523Information Advantage -- Defensive: Countering Self-Deception and External Deceptions3
Information Systems Security Specialization
MISA 531Secure Information Systems Design3
MISA 532Integrated Threat Warning and Attack Assessment for Enterprise Information Systems3
MISA 533Product and Systems Safety and Reliability: Issues for Information Assurance3
MISA 534Aviation / Aerospace Issues for Information Security3
Information Assurance in a Global Context Specialization
MISA 541International Considerations for Information Assurance and Protection3
MISA 543Assured Strategic Messaging: Keeping the Message Intact and Effective3
MISA 544The High-Reliability Enterprise Model3
MMIS 561Global Information and Technology Management3