Entrepreneurship Technology (MOET)


MOET 601  Entrepreneurship: Exploration, Opportunity and Effectuation  3 Credits (3,0)

This course provides the student with a broad introduction to the fundamental principles, processes, and practices associated with entrepreneurship in the aviation/aerospace global environment. The course will focus on entrepreneurial exploration from the perspective of creative thinking and problem solving to identifying opportunities and business development within the aviation/aerospace industry. Students will research and understand effectuation logic and how it applies to opportunity identification, innovation, and new venture creation.

MOET 606  Entrepreneurship Ethics, Sedulity and Solutions  3 Credits (3,0)

This course examines the characteristics of entrepreneurs and identifies the survival skills needed to be successful. The course will research and analyze the successes and failures of entrepreneurs, their ventures, and any associated business models. The course will focus on the ethical elements that shape or impact market activity by an individual entrepreneur or within an organization. Sources that support decision making, communications, planning and networking, negotiating, and discipline to create solutions in aviation/aerospace technology-based ventures will be identified and examined.

MOET 611  Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship in the Global Environment  3 Credits (3,0)

This course prepares students in understanding the application of technology commercialization and the factors associated with entrepreneurship in a global environment, including intellectual property, market, and team factors. The factors to be considered will include the goals and objectives of the global markets, steps for commercialization, global opportunities for entrepreneurs, barriers of importing and exporting products, management and development of new products, and finally the strategy to firm up the process. Students will evaluate current market opportunities and research options for improvement or analyze future technologies which will result in successful results. Additionally, the course will introduce students to the legal concepts that are an integral part of entrepreneurship; conception of a technology-based ideas to exit strategies. The student will gain an understanding of legal protection and liability, ownership, market IP, agreements, and contracts as well as examine the challenges of the regulatory process and look at interventions to achieve success.

MOET 691  Entrepreneurship Technology Capstone  3 Credits (3,0)

The Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology Capstone Course is the culminating effort of a student's entire learning experience. The student will complete an individual project or group project that provides significant evidence of experience in entrepreneurship and technology studies. Students will work with designated faculty to formulate, develop, and complete the project. The completion of the Capstone Course is designed to document significant evidence that all Program Outcomes have been met, and provides the student evidence of experience to show current and prospective employers. The Capstone Course must be taken at the end of the student's degree program. Prerequisite: All Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology degree program curriculum.