Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Aviation Business Administration

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Ph.D Aviation Business Administration

The Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration program allows highly qualified students and professionals from diverse backgrounds and aviation career paths to immerse themselves in the world of aviation business. The Doctor of Philosophy degree will be conferred in recognition of creative accomplishment, the ability to investigate scientific or business research problems independently, and the completion of advanced coursework.
The Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration is a 60-credit hour program. The curriculum is designed to challenge your knowledge and test your industry experience, as you gain valuable insight into research methods andĀ  their applications. The research portion of this program will be conducted under the guidance of faculty who are experienced aviation researchers and/or practitioners.

Course offerings will include online content containing a variety of delivery techniques which will vary by course and instructor. Such techniques may include recorded lectures, interactive discussion boards, course projects, synchronous discussions, and other learning modes.

To provide additional interaction, networking and collaboration among both peers and faculty, all doctoral students are required to complete a one-week residency each year independent of their level or stage in the Ph.D. program. The residencies are scheduled during mid-August and are approximately one week long (Monday-Friday).

For specific information about this program, including admission and course requirements, visit theĀ  Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration website.