Co-ops, Internships, Study Abroad and Career Services

Co-Op/Internship (COIN) Program

Embry-Riddle’s Cooperative Education program provides students with an important link between theories and concepts learned in the classroom and the practical application of the acquired knowledge and skill in industry. This program bridges the gap between student life and the work world, combining students’ academic and career interests with work experiences in business, industry, and government.

Co-op/Internship experiences are only available to degree-seeking students. For students seeking University credit, the work experience must be relevant to the student’s academic degree program. The work experience will help promote self-reliance and the development of a personal style in a productive and professional environment.  A student's current employment is not eligible for Co-op/Internship credit.  Not all degree programs have Open Electives or they may already be satisfied.  Therefore, if a co-op/internship is found to be in alignment with the degree program curriculum or meet the requirements of a specific course, a course substitution may be possible. Students may receive University credit in excess of degree requirements if a co-op/internship meets the standards for credit but is not degree applicable.  Any course substitutions must be approved prior to the start of a qualifying Co-op/Internship. 

Undergraduate students must be active full-time students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5+ and have completed 30 credit hours of college credit. If a transfer student, you must have completed 30 credit hours of college credit with at least 12 credit hours with ERAU. No more than three consecutive terms of co-op/internships will be considered.  At the undergraduate level a student may earn a maximum of 12 semester hours toward their degree program if applicable.  

Graduate students must be active full-time students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0+ and have completed 6 credit hours with ERAU. Nine credit hours must be completed before starting the actual coop/internship. No more than three terms of co-op/internships will be considered at the graduate level for a maximum of 3 semester hours.  

*Due to state authorization requirements, Co-ops/Internships must be conducted in approved states only.

International students

International students studying on an F1 visa must meet the above requirements plus the following: International students studying on an F1 visa must have the approval of the Principal Designated School Official, PDSO.  If approved, the PDSO updates the student’s I-20 with the start and end dates of the training experience and the number of hours allowed each week (part or full-time). The I-20 will reflect Curricular Practical Training.  International students are required to be enrolled as a full-time student.  The coop/internship must be an integral part of the student’s field of study and must be in exchange for academic credit.  According to SEVP "There is no set limit to the amount of time a student may engage in CPT.  However, if a student engages in full-time CPT for 12 months or more, the student becomes ineligible for post-completion OPT.  Engaging in part-time CPT (20 hours or less) does not affect eligibility for post-completion OPT."

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is an academic program which embraces and provides the unquestionable benefits of cultural exposure through international travel in today’s increasing globalization. Embry-Riddle offers its students a wealth of opportunities to study abroad with unique experiences which enhance their academic, professional, and personal lives. Motivated students in good academic standing who meet the qualification criteria have unique opportunities to take a variety of two to six week summer programs throughout the world. In addition, students may be able to participate in a semester or year-long student exchange program through partner schools that will be directly applicable to their degree programs at Embry-Riddle.

Career Services

Worldwide Career Services provides Embry-Riddle students and alumni around the globe with access to a network of career resources and limited personal assistance through scheduled phone appointments. From individualized reviews of resumes submitted through EagleHire Network, the ERAU career services management system, to interviewing tips and development of networking skills, the Worldwide Career Services Office provides immediate access to a wealth of career information. Students may also take advantage of co-op/internship (COIN) opportunities by earning academic credit while working to gain industry experience from current job listings, hiring events and CareerShift, a comprehensive job search engine sponsored by Embry-Riddle. 

Career events are held annually at the Daytona Beach and Prescott residential campus locations as well as various Worldwide U.S. campus locations.  All ERAU students and alumni (regardless of campus affiliation) are invited to attend all career fair events. Students are encouraged to contact Worldwide Career Services or their local campus early in their degree program to become familiar with available career resources and develop a career strategy which maximizes career options. For more information, visit the ERAU Worldwide Career Services website or contact the Worldwide Career Services office directly at