Books, Library and Supplies

Textbook Purchase

Students may search for textbook information by term on the Worldwide Master Textbook & Materials List site. This list should be checked first when searching for course materials. Online, EagleVision Home, and certain classroom books may be purchased through the Worldwide Bookstore  site. The Worldwide Bookstore does not carry all materials for all courses at this time. Please consult your advisor, campus or the Worldwide Bookstore directly at for any questions when ordering materials.

Identification Cards

Applying for a student identification card, known as the EAGLEcard, is done through your ERNIE login under Student Services. These identification cards may be required to use the library facilities of other universities and might be used for student discounts wherever a student identification card is honored.

Hunt Library: Bringing the Library to You

The Hunt Library, located on the Daytona Beach Campus, is the library for all Worldwide students, faculty, and staff, regardless of location. The mission of the Hunt Library is to provide information resources and services to students, faculty, and staff in support of the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. The Hunt Library slogan, "Bringing the Library to You," defines our commitment to the Worldwide community.

The Hunt Library’s website is

The library offers 24/7 online access to EAGLEsearch, which allows researchers to search much of Hunt Library's collection simultaneously, including the library’s catalog, Voyager, and many of our subscription databases (which include many full-text resources). Hunt Library users will find resources in a variety of formats: online journal articles, books and eBooks, government documents, conference proceedings, streaming videos, and more.

Research Help

The Hunt Library is the researcher’s primary resource provider. Regardless of their location, members of Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide community have check-out privileges, online help opportunities, and access to a web-based document delivery system.

Research Librarians are also available via telephone at 800-678-9428 or 386-226-7656, by chat, by texting us at 386-968-8843, or by emailing us at Research Librarians will provide detailed advice on research strategies, referrals to relevant reference sources, assistance with literature searches, and help navigating the library’s databases.

An overview of the Hunt Library’s help features and tutorials is available from:

How to Contact the Hunt Library

Phone: 800-678-9428 or 386-226-7656
Text: 386-968-8843