Transfer Students

Applicants over the age of 20 who graduated from high school and subsequently completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of college-level credit from an accredited degree-granting institution are considered transfer students. Embry-Riddle considers each application for transfer admission individually, reviewing the student’s academic record, grades received in all college-level courses and the rigor of the student’s academic program.

To be considered for admission, a transfer applicant must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) on a 4.0 scale from an accredited degree-granting institution. When an applicant has attended more than one institution, a cumulative average for all previous college work attempted will be calculated to determine the overall CGPA.

Transfer Students must have:

  • Certified copies O/A level examination results or equivalent
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • Essay 300-500 words
  • Civil Aviation Authority Certificates if applicable

Admission into some degree programs may require an applicant to have a higher CGPA and/or meet other special requirements.