Minor in Security and Intelligence

There has never been a time with such a need for security and intelligence professionals in the aviation security, commercial security, and the intelligence communities. The protection of aviation assets and the national security of the United States is paramount with today’s security threats.

This exciting degree minor will provide the student with knowledge to work in this demanding career field. It is designed to provide the student with practical applications that will be of value when actually working in the profession.

The security and intelligence minor is also of value to those not working in the security profession but who may be assigned such security responsibility as a collateral duty.

Security and Intelligence (Online)

SCTY 315Studies in Intelligence I3
SCTY 385Intelligence Collection and Analysis3
SCTY 488National Security Issues and Terrorism3
CYBR 235Computer and Network Technologies3
SCTY 310Introduction to Security3
SCTY 485Corporate Security3
Total Credits18