B.S. in Aeronautics

Students will:

  • Show evidence of the basic concepts in national and international legislation and law as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industries.
  • Show evidence of sound, ethical, management principles within standard aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics operations.
  • Show evidence of basic concepts in aviation safety as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industry.
  • Apply advanced concepts of aviation, aerospace and aeronautical science to solve problems in the aviation/aerospace industry.
  • Communicate concepts in written, digital, and oral forms for technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge to define and solve problems in professional and personal environments.
  • Analyze historical events, cultures, cultural artifacts, social issues, and philosophical concepts.
  • Conduct meaningful research, gathering information from primary and secondary sources, and incorporating and documenting source material in their writing.
  • Use digitally-enabled technology and mathematical analysis to interpret data, draw valid conclusions, and solve mathematical and economic problems.
  • Work effectively with others on diverse teams to produce quality written documents, oral presentations, and/or meaningful projects, assist in organizing shared tasks, contribute actively to groups, and resolve conflicts.
  • Select, use, manage, and evaluate technologies, understand their functions, constraints, trade-offs, and societal impact, and apply or integrate these technologies in solving practical problems.


General Education Core
ENGL 123English Composition3
ENGL 222Business Communication3
ENGL 223Collaborative Writing & Presenting3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
SOCI 210Introduction to Sociology3
CSCI 123Introduction to Computing for Data Analysis3
ECON 210Microeconomics3
ECON 211Macroeconomics3
WEAX 201Meteorology I3
PHYS 142Introduction to Environmental Science3
MATH 111Pre-calculus for Aviation3
MATH 112Applied Calculus for Aviation3
Total Credits36
Singapore Specific Core
UNIV 101College Success1
ASCI 185Introduction to Flight3
or ASCI 202 Introduction to Aeronautical Science
RSCH 202Introduction to Research Methods3
COIN 496Co-Operative Education *3
or SFTY 326 System Safety
Total Credits10

* COIN 496 is a mandatory 3 credit course module intended for all undergraduate students to take as part of the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics offered through the Singapore location. Under certain extenuating circumstances, COIN 496 may be substituted on a case-by-case basis for SFTY 326 System Safety in discussion with the Academic Advising Team. COIN 496 is an industry attachment serving as a structured supervised internship through which a student is personally coached by expert faculty. COIN 496 intends to add value to the student experience and benefit student employability upon completion of the degree program.

Aviation Area of Concentration
SCTY 400Aviation Security3
SFTY 440System Safety Management3
ACCT 210Financial Accounting3
BSAS 320Human Factors in Aviation Safety3
Total Credits12
Program Support Core
ASCI 254Aviation Legislation3
ASCI 404Applications in Aviation & Aerospace Law3
STAT 211Statistics with Aviation Applications3
MGMT 201Principles of Management3
MMIS 221Introduction to Management Information Systems3
ASCI 309Aerodynamics3
UNSY 315Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and Operations3
Total Credits21
Professional Development Core
ASCI 491Operational Applications in Aeronautics3
LGMT 420Management of Production and Operations3
BSAS 409Aviation Safety3
Total Credits9


Electives/Minors Options33
Students must choose 15 elective credits and one minor from the options below:
Elective Options: Select from unduplicated courses in Aeronautical Science, Management, Economics, Safety, Security, Engineering, and Unmanned Systems

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Total Degree Requirements121

The following modules may be required based on placement examination results:

ENGL 104Basic English1
ENGL 106Introduction to Composition3
MATH 100Foundations in Mathematical Problem Solving3
MATH 106Basic Algebra & Trigonometry3