Minor in Air Traffic Management

The goals and objectives of the air traffic management minor focus on air traffic management and operational concepts, providing students an understanding of the industry while emphasizing its global applications.  The air traffic control market is projected to grow substantially over the next several years. This growth is driven by the modernization of the ATM infrastructure, the increase in the number of airports in emerging economies, and the need for more efficient airspace management.  Military and civilian students currently working as controllers or in related aviation fields represent the target clientele for the ATM minor.   

Air Traffic Management Minor (Classroom)

ASCI 301Introduction to Air Traffic Control3
ASCI 303Tower and Radar for Air Traffic Control and Management3
WEAX 301Aviation Weather3
ASCI 403Air Traffic Management3
ASCI 411Human Factors in ATM3
ASCI 426Airport Management in ATM3
Total Credits18