B.S. in Business Analytics

Students will:

  • Describe underlying business challenges and determine/create appropriate sources of data/information.
  • Describe the foundations and techniques of big data analytics in business as part of evidence-based management.
  • Synthesize data output into clear, actionable insights that inform business problems and create executable solutions.
  • Apply concepts in data presentation and visualization to effectively communicate results to a diverse audience.
  • Identify different business opportunities, constraints, and needs for data analytics, including the ethical components involved.


General Education

Communication Theory and Skills
ENGL 123English Composition3
ENGL 222Business Communication3
ENGL 223Collaborative Writing & Presenting3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
SOCI 210Introduction to Sociology3
Social Sciences
ECON 210Microeconomics3
ECON 211Macroeconomics3
MATH 111Pre-calculus for Aviation3
STAT 211Statistics with Aviation Applications3
Computer Science
CSCI 123Introduction to Computing for Data Analysis3
PHYS 142Introduction to Environmental Science3
WEAX 201Meteorology I3
Total Credits36


Common Business Core
ACCT 210Financial Accounting3
MGMT 201Principles of Management3
ACCT 312Managerial Accounting3
MMIS 221Introduction to Management Information Systems3
FINE 332Corporate Finance I3
MKTG 311Marketing3
BUSW 390Business Law3
MGMT 436Strategic Management3
BUSW 335International Business3
LGMT 420Management of Production and Operations3
Total Credits30
Singapore Specific Core
RSCH 202Introduction to Research Methods3
COIN 496Co-Operative Education *3
or LGMT 331 Transportation Principles
UNIV 101College Success1
Total Credits7

 *COIN 496 is a mandatory 3 credit course module intended for all undergraduate students to take as part of the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics offered through the Singapore location. Under certain extenuating circumstances, COIN 496 may be substituted on a case-by-case basis for LGMT 331 Transportation Principles in discussion with the Academic Advising Team. COIN 496 is an industry attachment serving as a structured supervised internship through which a student is personally coached by expert faculty. COIN 496 intends to add value to the student experience and benefit student employability upon completion of the degree program.

Business Analytics Core
BUSW 352Business Quantitative Methods3
BUAN 301Evidence-Based Management: The Need for Data3
BUAN 428Business Analytics and Data Intelligence3
BUAN 302Communication and Ethics in Data Analysis3
MMIS 385Programming Concepts3
MMIS 392Database Management3
BUAN 304Advanced Statistics and Analytics Concepts3
BUAN 405Applied Analytics I -- Descriptive Analytics3
BUAN 406Applied Analytics II -- Predictive Analytics3
BUAN 407Business Intelligence in Industry Capstone3
Total Credits30


Transfer Credit -or- COB Minor -or- COB non-duplicated undergraduate level courses18
Total Degree Requirements121

The following modules may be required based on placement examination results:

ENGL 104Basic English1
ENGL 106Introduction to Composition3
MATH 100Foundations in Mathematical Problem Solving3
MATH 106Basic Algebra & Trigonometry3