M.B.A. in Aviation (Part-Time)

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Masters Business Administration Aviation Part-Time taught at Singapore Aviation Academy 

Program-Specific Criteria

Prerequisite Knowledge

Subject knowledge for specific graduate courses must be satisfied before enrollment in those courses is permitted. Students may enroll in graduate level courses only if they meet prerequisite knowledge requirements. The ERAU graduate level prerequisite course (BUSW 500) taken with ERAU must be completed with a grade of B or better.

Applicants for admission to the Master of Business Administration in Aviation (MBAA) program are required to meet prerequisite knowledge in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Accounting Methods
  • Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Marketing
  • Economics

Students should assume responsibility to see that prerequisites are satisfied. However, students who still lack prerequisite knowledge in any of the above areas will be required to register for BUSW 500.  The prerequisite subjects must be satisfied before enrollment in other MBAA courses is permitted.

The prerequisite knowledge can be validated through one of the following:

  1. Completed an undergraduate or graduate course in each of the specific subject areas and upon validation of the course from an official transcript; -OR-
  2. Completed a course listed in either the National or ACE Guide for which academic credit in one of the specific subject areas is recommended; -OR-
  3. Received at least the minimum recommended score on a CLEP, DANTES, PEP, etc. exam in each of the subject areas as required.

The Master of Business Administration in Aviation degree program is designed to emphasize the application of modern management concepts, methods, and tools to the challenges of aviation and business. The special intricacies of aviation are woven into a strong, traditional business foundation by combining a specific core of distinct business competencies with a strong aviation foundation.

The demand for skilled professionals continues to grow in response to the increasing need for leaders who can manage the efficient and effective use of scarce resources; operate in an atmosphere of heightened national and international competition; and respond to the call to preserve our world’s fragile eco-system – and the MBAA curriculum is oriented toward the needs of leaders and decision-makers who can operate in this environment.

Specific prerequisites for each graduate course in the MBAA are contained in the Graduate Courses section of this catalog. Students must assume responsibility to see that all prerequisites are satisfied. However, students who cannot demonstrate, through academic transcripts, prerequisite knowledge in one of the following areas (management, accounting, finance, quantitative methods, marketing and economics), will be required to register for BUSW 500. The prerequisite subject knowledge for a specific graduate course must be satisfied before enrollment in that specific course is permitted. Students may enroll in other graduate-level courses as they meet the specific prerequisite knowledge required.

Other Program Information:

As part of MBAA degree students will take a comprehensive exam in MBAA 635, Business Capstone Course.  The exam will test student’s knowledge of the core courses in the MBAA program.


Aviation Business Core
MBAA 514Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation3
MBAA 517Managerial Accounting for Decision Making3
MBAA 518Managerial Finance3
MBAA 522Business Research Methods3
MBAA 523Advanced Aviation Economics3
MBAA 604International Business Administration3
MBAA 635Business Policy and Decision Making3
Total Credits21
Electives/Specialization Option:12
Choose Electives (4 courses) or one specialization from the list below:
Total Degree Requirements33
Specialization in Finance
Select four courses from the list below:
MBAA 653International Finance3
MBAA 6583
EMGT 618Introduction to Financial Engineering: Futures and Options3
FIND 615Investments3
FIND 618Advanced Corporate Finance3
Specialization in Leadership
MSLD 500Leadership Foundations in Research3
MSLD 633Adaptive Leadership in Complex Environments3
MSLD 634Leadership Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility3
MSLD 641Resonant Leadership: Leading Change3
Specialization in Marketing
MBAA 630Customer Value3
MBAA 632Global Marketing3
MBAA 633Digital Marketing3
Any College of Business unduplicated course3
Specialization in International Business
MBAA 632Global Marketing3
MBAA 653International Finance3
MGMT 673Global Economic Analysis3
LGMT 685Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management3