Management - GR (MGMT)

Courses that are not part of degree requirements may only be taken as electives. Consult your Asia Campus Advisor before taking any course that is not part of your degree requirements.


MGMT 535  Theory and Application of Managerial Communications  3 Credits (3,0)

Impact of communication in managing contemporary organizations; provides a survey of the technical aspects of communications; develops students managerial and strategic communication skills for effective communication; discussion of why good communication skills are important in business, why effective communication can be difficult, how communication is used in teams, what issues exist in intercultural communication.

MGMT 691  Management Capstone Course  3 Credits (3,0)

In this course students are required to author and defend a scholarly paper that requires substantial research to generate solutions to a real-world managerial problem. The student will be exposed to the technical aspects of writing to include problem definition, analysis, and presentation of solutions utilizing structured methods of evaluation. This course shall be taken at the end of the student's program and will give the student the opportunity to apply management concepts learned throughout the MSM program.