Human Factors (MSHF)

Human Factors Courses

MSHF 606  Human Cognition  3 Credits (3,0)

This course examines human cognitive processes, both simple and complex, and normal human cognitive functioning. It provides an overview of what human cognition is and what it involves. It examines the processes by which humans gather data and information, including how humans sense and perceive the surrounding environment to how humans recall and process data and information from all forms of memory. The course also examines the impacts of constructs such as attention, sensation, and perception on those processes. Next it examines how humans organize knowledge in the mind, as well as the impact language has on doing so. It also examines the impact of reasoning and creativity on the processes of risk assessment, problem solving, and decision making. Finally the course provides an overview of human decision making strategies, including the differing requirements, strengths, and weaknesses of each strategy, as well as of strategies for decision making in dynamic environments.