Space Studies - GR (SPAC)


SPAC 511  Earth Observation and Remote Sensing  3 Credits (3,0)

Overview of the full scope of the satellite remote sensing industry including history, technology, operations and business. Covers a range of markets including commercial, government civil, and national security.

SPAC 512  Human Spaceflight Industry  3 Credits (3,0)

Introduction to launch, mission operations, and facilities for crewed and uncrewed missions at U.S. and foreign sites. Satellite and spacecraft launch facility system discussion covers safety, meteorology, communications, and tracking, as well as navigation and control systems. Examples of mission control, operations, and systems include spacecraft project descriptions and control site operations. U.S. mission operations include NASA, DoD, and commercial space operations and launch sites. Legacy spacecraft operations including the Space Shuttle (STS) and Russian Soyuz examined along with future commercial space transportation programs.