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Airport Management (Classroom)

ASCI 254Aviation Legislation3
ASCI 404Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law3
BSAB 412Airport Planning and Design3
BSAB 418Airport Administration & Finance3
BSAB 425Trends and Current Problems in Air Transportation3
SCTY 400Airport Security3
Total Credits18

Aviation Safety Minor (Classroom) 

Updated effective 1/1/21

SFTY 320Human Factors in Aviation Safety3
SFTY 330Aircraft Accident Investigation3
SFTY 335Mechanical and Structural Factors in Aviation Safety3
SFTY 345Aviation Safety Program Management3
SFTY 409Aviation Safety3
SFTY 440System Safety Management3
Total Credits18

 Economics Minor (Online)

ECON 225Engineering Economics3
ECON 312Money and Banking3
ECON 315Managerial Economics3
ECON 411International Economics3
ECON 420Economics of Air Transportation3
Any College of Business unduplicated course3
Total Credits18

Human Resources Minor (Online)

MGMT 314Human Resource Management3
MGMT 482Human Resources Training and Development3
MGMT 483Compensation and Benefits3
MGMT 317Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 324Aviation Labor Relations3
MGMT 427Management of the Multicultural Workforce3
Total Credits18

 Management Information Systems Minor (Online)

Updated to 15 credits effective 1/1/2021

MGMT 392Database Management3
MGMT 394Information Security Management3
MGMT 422Information Technology Management, Strategy, and Governance3
MGMT 428Business Analytics and Data Intelligence3
MGMT 494Aviation Information Systems3
Total Credits15

 Technical Management Minor (Online)

MGMT 371Leadership3
PMGT 391Project Planning 13
MGMT 394Information Security Management3
MGMT 420Management of Production and Operations3
MGMT 444Principles of Supply Chain Management3
MGMT 449Strategic Marketing Management3
Total Credits18

Cybersecurity Application and Management Minor (Online) 

CYBR 235Computer and Network Technologies3
CYBR 335Information Security Tools and Techniques3
CYBR 365Introduction to Digital Forensics3
CYBR 465Cybercrime and Cyberlaw3
CYBR 485War, Terrorism, and Diplomacy in Cyberspace3
CYBR 474Issues in Aviation Cybersecurity3
Total Credits18

Air Traffic Management Minor (Classroom)

ASCI 301Introduction to Air Traffic Control3
ASCI 303Tower and Radar for Air Traffic Control and Management3
WEAX 301Aviation Weather3
ASCI 403Air Traffic Management3
ASCI 411Human Factors in ATM3
ASCI 426Airport Management in ATM3
Total Credits18

 Flight Minor (Available at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus Only)

AS 121 Private Pilot Operations5
FA 121 Private Single Flight1
AS 221 Instrument Pilot Operations3
FA 221 Instrument Single Flight1
AS 321 Commercial Pilot Operations3
FA 321 Commercial Single Flight1
FA 323 Commercial Multi Add On1
Students wishing to pursue the flight minor as part of the BSA degree must meet the selection criteria by our partner airlines. Students will be able to apply for the flight minor when they’ve achieved Junior Student status.
For courses taken at the Daytona Beach Campus, term length and availability may vary.
Total Credits15

Unmanned Aerial Systems Minor (Online)

UNSY 315Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operations3
UNSY 316Operational and Business Aspects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems3
UNSY 318Unmanned Aircraft Systems Robotics3
UNSY 410Unmanned Systems Sensing Technology3
SFTY 410Design of Engineering Hazard Controls3
SFTY 440System Safety Management3
Total Credits18

 Helicopter Operations and Safety Minor (Online) 

ASCI 317Rotorcraft3
ASCI 378Helicopter Flight Environments3
ASCI 388Helicopter Flight Planning3
ASCI 428Advanced Helicopter Systems and Functions3
ASCI 438Advanced Helicopter Operations3
SFTY 345Aviation Safety Program Management3
Total Credits18

 Security and Intelligence Minor (Online)

SCTY 315Studies in Intelligence I3
SCTY 385Intelligence Collection and Analysis3
SCTY 488National Security Issues and Terrorism3
SCTY 400Airport Security3
SCTY 415Studies in Intelligence II3
SCTY 485Corporate Security3
Total Credits18

 Aviation Maintenance Operations Minor (Classroom)

AMNT 322Aircraft Inspection and Scheduled Maintenance3
MGMT 427Management of the Multicultural Workforce3
AMNT 416Aviation Maintenance Management: A Global Perspective3
AMNT 424Maintenance Repair and Overhaul in Aviation3
AMNT 429Advanced Technologies in Design and Production of Aircraft Structures and Systems3
MGMT 411Logistics Management for Aviation/Aerospace3
Total Credits18

 Occupational Safety and Health Minor (Online)

SFTY 311Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health3
SFTY 321Ergonomics3
SFTY 355Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology3
SFTY 341Occupational Safety and Health Program Management3
SFTY 470Advanced Occupational Safety and Health Technology3
SFTY 410Design of Engineering Hazard Controls3
Total Credits18