Ph.D. in Aviation

Daytona Emrby-Riddle Ph.D. Doctor Philosophy AviationThe demand for aviation professionals with the skills to conduct research and solve problems continues to grow in response to the increasing complexity and evolution of the aviation field. The Ph.D. in Aviation program -- the first in the U.S. -- is designed to address that need by allowing students to pursue doctoral studies in aviation in a diverse, intellectually versatile and multi-disciplinary environment.

The program may be pursued in-residence or online.  Courses are offered online for greater accessibility to the working professional. Participation in three five-day on-campus residency seminars is required during the program. This program format provides doctoral degree students an innovative way to achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals.

The Ph.D. in Aviation program is designed to enable students to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • develop mastery of the central theories and concepts in the field of aviation, including foundations, safety management, economics, and regulatory procedures
  • pose and solve theory-based and research-based problems designed to advance applications in the field of aviation;
  • extend the aviation body of knowledge by conceiving, planning, producing, and communicating original research;
  • develop and demonstrate expertise in instructional processes;
  • demonstrate leadership, collaboration, and communication necessary for scholarly work in aviation

Courses are offered during three 12-week terms per year. The program requires completion of four aviation core courses, a four-course sequence in statistics and research methodology, and four specialization courses. A qualifying exam tests students' mastery of core and specialization subject matter and is conducted at the end of the course work. Completion and defense of a dissertation is the final phase of the program. The dissertation is a formal academic paper that constitutes the culmination of the doctoral program. The purpose of the dissertation is to prepare students to be professionals in a discipline, to develop the skills necessary to engage in independent research, and to advance the body of knowledge in aviation. The program requires completion of 60 credit hours beyond the master’s degree, including course work, residency seminars, and dissertation courses.

Policies for the Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation program may differ from those in the catalog referencing. Students should consult the appropriate academic department for degree program specific information.

Specific information about the Ph.D. in Aviation program, including admission and course requirements, may be found at the program website: http://aviationphd.erau.edu.