Articulations & Educational Academic Agreements

Articulation and Educational Academic Agreements are two distinct types of cooperative agreements that facilitate the transfer of students from other institutions to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Articulation Agreements provide for formal evaluation and guaranteed acceptance of courses within specific degree programs from other institutions to ensure that their content and course objectives are equivalent to those at the University. The primary benefits of an Articulation Agreement for the student are guaranteed acceptance of courses completed at the other institution to satisfy specified degree requirements at the University, and locking students into curriculum requirements specified in the catalog at the time of enrollment. As long as the student has completed and signed the Articulation Agreement Enrollment Form, he/she is assured that the courses taken will apply, even though the curriculum may have undergone significant change before the student has transferred to the University (subject to matriculation and continuous enrollment requirements).

Educational Academic Agreements seek to link specific programs for transfer into the University, but without the same level of evaluation and guaranteed, program-specific, credit acceptance under a specific catalog year.