Classroom Rules and Regulations

Classroom Facilities

Classes are currently held at ERCi and SAA. Syllabi and ERNIE both have the specific location, time, and day listed. You should confirm where your class will be held when registering for a course.

Class Attendance

Regular attendance, and punctuality are expected in all classes.  In accordance with CPE, all students must individually sign the attendance roster in each lesson attended. International students must be in attendance at least 90% of the time, and local students must be in attendance at least 75% of the time.  Student’s physical attendance is required for classroom based face-to-face instruction,  For students taking classes via online or asynchronous modalities, attendance may include criteria such as class participation, postings in discussion threads and responses to classmate postings in discussion threads.  Faculty may weigh these elements as they feel appropriate to achieve their final grades.  Faculty will record the last date of attendance for each student in each class.

When a student misses a session due to medical issues, a Medical Certificate must be presented to the school. 

Academic Calendar (Holidays that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Asia  is Closed). As dates of holidays change from year to year, all holidays are listed on the ERAU – Asia site.

Student Class Participation

Students enrolled in any class modality are expected to log in to their courses through the Worldwide Learning Management System (LMS) beginning the first day of the term and frequently throughout the term, up to and including the last day of the term.

By the first day of the term, students are expected to log in to review course materials, including the syllabus, as well as any announcements from the instructors. Instructors may post updates during the term.  Posting on discussion threads, responding to other students’ posts, and other criteria may be counted for participation in any or all modalities. Log in on the last day of the term for review of final assignments, and to review any final changes/announcements from the instructor.

Classroom Rules

For classes, the general rule is no eating or drinking (except for water) in the classroom. Please abide by rules posted in the classroom, conveyed by the instructor, or communicated by your local campus staff. Students are expected to follow all appropriately issued directives from administration in the case of a health safety emergency (e.g.:  face covering requirements, other personal protective equipment requirements, required procedures intended to avoid close contact between individuals, required temperature or other wellness check procedures, required enhanced ID checks and procedures, etc.).Bringing children or guests to class is not permitted. Professional speakers from industry are welcome to speak in the classroom to enrich learning outcomes and this can be arranged by the instructor. 

Classroom Security

Because classroom security conditions vary from location to location, students should be aware of their surroundings at all times. Please check with your local campus staff for any known security issues in the area. All security or safety issues and/or incidents should be reported immediately to your instructor or the campus location staff. Worldwide Emergency Preparedness Plans are posted in ERNIE.

Late Policy

Each instructor is entitled to post and enforce their own late policy.