Transcript Requests

Embry-Riddle transcripts are provided through the Credentials Solutions TranscriptsPlus® service.

  • Current students may request an official transcript via the ERAU Online Student Services Portal at ERNIE. To access portal services, a student will need a current username and password. As logging into ERNIE satisfies federal requirements for establishing identity, students may then complete the Credentials Solutions TranscriptsPlus® online request form; there is no need to submit an additional signed request. Unofficial transcripts are available to current students only and may be obtained directly through ERNIE at no cost.
  • Prior students and alumni may request an official transcript by visiting the Credentials Solutions TranscriptsPlus® website and completing the consent form that will allow its release. The consent form must be completed only the first time the service is used; it will be maintained by TranscriptsPlus® for future requests. Unofficial transcripts are not available to prior students and alumni who no longer have a current username and password for ERNIE.

Transcripts are available for delivery either in traditional paper form or electronically. The format must be selected by the student during the ordering process.

There is a fee for either official paper or electronic transcripts. The fee is the same regardless of the format in which the transcript is issued.

The Office of the Registrar does not provide unofficial transcripts. Electronic transcripts may be obtained through the TranscriptsPlus® service only. Transcripts are not available via fax.