Meteorology - UG (WEAX)

Meteorology Courses

WEAX 201  Meteorology I  3 Credits (3,0)

This is a survey course in meteorology that includes applications to flight. Included is a systematic development of the following topics: the composition and general structure of the atmosphere, energy and energy transfer, seasonal and daily controls on temperature, pressure, wind, local and regional circulations, atmospheric stability, vertical motion, turbulence, moisture, fog, clouds, precipitation, icing, the general circulation pattern, climate, jet streams, air masses, fronts, mid-latitude cyclones, tropical cyclones, thunderstorms, and weather observations and charts.

WEAX 301  Aviation Weather  3 Credits (3,0)

This course is an expansion of WEAX 201 - Meteorology I with a focus on aviation weather hazards such as thunderstorms, strong winds, fog, icing, turbulence, snow storms, and volcanic ash. Practical application of theoretical concepts such as thickness, thermal winds, jet streams, cyclone formation, and stability is achieved through exercises and projects utilizing current or historic weather examples and designed to complement lecture materials. Emphasis is on navigating today's online environment for obtaining real-time aviation weather products and information to gain practical experience in making informed weather-sensitive decisions.
Prerequisites: WEAX 201