B.S. in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Students will:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics and science.
  • Analyze data derived from conducted experiments.
  • Solve scientific problems.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Have knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • Show evidence of skills needed to enrich life through activities that enhance and promote lifelong learning in their career and personal life.
  • Make professional and ethical decisions.

General Education Requirements

For a full description of Embry-Riddle General Education guidelines, please see the General Education section of this catalog. These minimum requirements are applicable to all degree programs.

Communication Theory & Skills9
Humanities - Lower level 3
Social Sciences - Lower level3
Humanities or Social Sciences - Lower or Upper level 3
Humanities or Social Sciences - Upper level 3
Computer Science (EGR 115)3
Mathematics (MA 241, MA 242)8
Physical and Life Sciences - one course must include a lab (PS 226, PS 227) 6
Total Credits38

Core Requirements 

Astronomy & Astrophysics
AA 101Current Topics in Astrophysics1
AA 316Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics I3
AA 317Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics II3
AA 318Introductory Astrophysics Laboratory1
AA 345Astrophysics and Space Science Seminar2
AA 401Stellar Astrophysics3
AA 425Observational Astronomy3
AA 492Senior Astrophysics Project (or Technical Elective)3
Select two of the following:6
AA 402Interstellar Medium and Galaxies3
AA 403Cosmology and the Structure of the Universe3
AA 420Planetary Interiors, Surfaces, and Atmospheres3
AA 422Solar System Dynamics3
AA 430Astronomical Optics and Instrumentation Laboratory3
MA 243Calculus and Analytical Geometry III4
MA 345Differential Equations and Matrix Methods4
MA 441Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Physics I3
MA 442Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Physics II3
Physical Science
CHM 110General Chemistry I3
CHM 110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory1
PS 226LPhysics I Laboratory1
PS 228Physics III3
PS 228LPhysics III Laboratory1
PS 303Modern Physics3
PS 305Modern Physics Laboratory1
PS 320Classical Mechanics3
PS 405Atomic Nuclear Physics3
EP 320Electro-Optical Engineering3
EP 400Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics3
EP 440Engineering Electricity and Magnetism3
EP 455Quantum Mechanics3
Technical Elective (300-400 Level) 16
Open Electives6
Total Degree Credits120

Technical Electives: AA/AE/CEC/CIV/CS/EE/EGR/EL/EP/ES/MA/PS/SE 300-400 level (approved by Program Coordinator)

Year One
AA 101 Current Topics in Astrophysics 1
MA 241 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 4
CHM 110 General Chemistry I 3
CHM 110L General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
COM 122 English Composition 3
Lower-level social science (SS/EC/GCS/PSY) 1 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
MA 242 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II 4
PS 226 Physics I 3
PS 226L Physics I Laboratory 1
COM 219 Speech 3
Lower-level humanities (HU) 1 3
 Credits Subtotal14.0
Year Two
MA 243 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III 4
PS 227 Physics II 3
EGR 115 Introduction to Computing for Engineers 3
Scientific Programming in C
COM 221 Technical Report Writing 13
AA 316 Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics I 3
 Credits Subtotal16.0
MA 345 Differential Equations and Matrix Methods 4
PS 228 Physics III 3
PS 228L Physics III Laboratory 1
AA 317 Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics II 3
AA 318 Introductory Astrophysics Laboratory 1
Lower-level humanities or social science (HU/SS/EC/PSY/GCS) 1 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
Year Three
MA 441 Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Physics I 3
PS 303 Modern Physics 3
PS 305 Modern Physics Laboratory 1
AA 401 Stellar Astrophysics 3
Upper-level humanities or social science (HU/EC/GCS/HSI/PSY) 1 3
Open Electives 3
 Credits Subtotal16.0
MA 442 Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Physics II 3
PS 320 Classical Mechanics 3
EP 400 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 3
AA 345 Astrophysics and Space Science Seminar 2
Open Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal14.0
Year Four
EP 440 Engineering Electricity and Magnetism 3
EP 455 Quantum Mechanics 3
EP 320 Electro-Optical Engineering 3
Technical Elective 2 3
Upper-level Astrophysics Elective 4 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
PS 405 Atomic Nuclear Physics 3
AA 492 Senior Astrophysics Project 33
AA 425 Observational Astronomy 3
Technical Elective 2 3
Upper-level Astrophysics Elective 4 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
 Credits Total: 120.0

See this list of all approved General Education courses.


Technical Electives: AA/AE/CEC/CIV/CS/DS/EE/EGR/EL/EP/ES/MA/PS/SE 300-400 levels (approved by Program Coordinator)


Students not eligible for AA 492 will take an additional Technical Elective. Eligible students have finished EP 440 and MA 442 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater OR a grade of B or better in all required 300-level EP/PS courses.


Choose from: AA 402, AA 403, AA 420, AA 422, AA 430