Combined Arts and Sciences Programs


The combined program options allow exceptional students to complete a baccalaureate degree in Communication, Global Conflict Studies, Homeland Security, Human Factors, or Interdisciplinary Studies, and an M.B.A, or M.S. degree. The objective of these degrees is to provide the opportunity for students to build a well-rounded undergraduate education and then further prepare themselves as professional managers in the aviation/aerospace industry.

Combined Programs

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering/MSHF
B.S. in Communication/M.B.A.
B.S. in Computational Math/M.B.A.
B.S. in Computational Math/M.S.A.F
B.S. in Global Conflict Studies/M.B.A.
B.S. in Global Conflict Studies/M.S. in Human Security and Resilience
B.S. in Homeland Security/M.B.A.
B.S. in Homeland Security/M.S. in Cybersecurity Management and Policy
B.S. in Homeland Security/M.S. in Human Security and Resilience
B.S. in Human Factors Psychology/M.B.A.
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies/M.B.A.