M.S. in Human Factors


The Department of Human Factors offers graduate instruction leading to the Master of Science degree in Human Factors. This program is designed to meet the highest academic standards, fully preparing students for doctoral-level studies while at the same time preparing students for immediate employment in the real world of cost-sensitive and operationally driven aviation/aerospace and technical environments.

The masters program will produce a graduate with the capacity to design, conduct, and apply human factors methods research in support of simple and complex systems. Graduates will work as a human factors professionals in government, academic and private organizations. A variety of research, consulting, and internship opportunities are available throughout the program.

Students receive education in the principles of human factors and experimental psychology, including statistical and quantitative procedures, experimental design, and survey methods.

A combined Human Factors program is available. Please see the undergraduate Human Factors program for details.

Degree Requirements

Option Core Courses Electives Thesis Total
Thesis 27 3 6 36
Non-Thesis 27 9 0 36
Core Courses27
HFS 510Research Design and Analysis I3
HFS 515Ergonomics3
HFS 600Human Factors in Systems3
HFS 610Research Design and Analysis II3
HFS 612Human Factors Methods3
HFS 615Sensation and Perception3
HFS 620Memory and Cognition3
HFS 635Human-Computer Interaction3
HFS 675Multivariate Statistics: Factor Analysis and Data Reduction3
Electives *3-9
Operations Research
Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Applications in Aviation
Systems Concepts, Theory, and Tools
Team Performance
Modeling Humans in Complex Systems
Aerospace Physiology
Graduate Seminar
Human Factors in Medicine
Human Factors of Transportation
HF in Aging: Behavioral and Biological Foundations
Human Factors in Entertainment Systems
User Experience
Applied Testing and Selection
Human Factors Principles of Visual Communication
Applied Cognitive Science
Aviation/Aerospace Psychology
Human Factors of Aviation/Aerospace Applications
Graduate Seminar: Current Applications in Human Factors
Graduate Student Capstone
Graduate Internship in Human Factors and Systems (highly recommended)
Special Topics in Human Factors and Systems
Small N Designs and Non-Parametric Analysis
Aviation/Aerospace System Safety
Production and Procurement Management in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry
Software Engineering Discipline
Formal Methods for Software Engineering
Specification and Design of Real-Time Systems
Option I
HFS 700Thesis6
Three upper-level credits of HFS electives (500-600 level)3
Option II
Nine upper-level credits of HFS electives (500-600 level)9
Total Required36