A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Science

Students will:

  • Interpret written and electronic technical instructions.
  • Apply aviation mathematics and physics to aircraft airworthiness issues.
  • Use their technical competence to solve common aviation maintenance problems.
  • Identify leadership and management issues in teamwork and supervisory roles.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior as maintenance technicians and supervisors.
  • Communicate knowledge of aviation maintenance industry issues in written and spoken formats.
  • Engage in lifelong learning relevant to their work environment.
  • Show knowledge of the aviation environment by returning aircraft to service in various environments.
  • Use special equipment and tools in aviation maintenance practice.

General Education Core courses:

COM 122English Composition3
COM 219Speech3
or COM 221 Technical Report Writing
HU 140 Series (Lower-Level Humanities)3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology3
CS 120Introduction to Computing in Aviation3
MA 111Pre-Calculus for Aviation3
or MA 140 College Algebra
Total Credits18

Aviation Maintenance Science Courses (leading to A&P certification)

AMS 115Aviation Mathematics and Physics2
AMS 116Fundamentals of Electricity4
AMS 117Tools, Materials and Processes4
AMS 118Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations2
AMS 261Aircraft Metallic Structures3
AMS 262Aircraft Composite Structures3
AMS 263General Aviation Aircraft Systems3
AMS 264General Aviation Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 271Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplant and Systems3
AMS 272Powerplant Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 273Propeller Systems2
AMS 274Aircraft Turbines Powerplants and Systems4
AMS 365Transport Category Aircraft Systems3
AMS 366Transport Category Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 375Repair Station Operations3
AMS 376Powerplant Line Maintenance3
Total Credits48

Tuition for AMS courses is less than the other courses in the degree and is billed separately from the University block tuition. Contact Student Financial Services for additional information.

Semester 1
COM 122 English Composition 3
CS 120 Introduction to Computing in Aviation 3
MA 111 Pre-Calculus for Aviation 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 2
AMS 115 Aviation Mathematics and Physics 2
AMS 116 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
AMS 117 Tools, Materials and Processes 4
AMS 118 Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations 2
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 3
AMS 261 Aircraft Metallic Structures 3
AMS 262 Aircraft Composite Structures 3
AMS 263 General Aviation Aircraft Systems 3
AMS 264 General Aviation Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 4
AMS 365 Transport Category Aircraft Systems 3
AMS 366 Transport Category Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
AMS 271 Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplant and Systems 3
AMS 272 Powerplant Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
Lower-Level Humanities Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
Semester 5
AMS 273 Propeller Systems 2
AMS 274 Aircraft Turbines Powerplants and Systems 4
AMS 375 Repair Station Operations 3
AMS 376 Powerplant Line Maintenance 3
COM 219 Speech 3
Technical Report Writing
 Credits Subtotal15.0
 Credits Total: 66.0