David B. O'Maley College of Business

Dr. Shanan Gibson, Dean

Our aim is to provide a world-class business and management education in an aviation/aerospace context. We have assembled a community of faculty scholars with global reputations and reach, who have designed curricula at the graduate and undergraduate levels that set the standard in aviation/aerospace management education. Our faculty and students have the opportunity to focus on cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems and opportunities found in aviation, aerospace and transportation-related industries and organizations. Our dedication to excellence is manifested by our accreditation by ACBSP (the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs)  and the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), 3410 Skyway Drive, Auburn, AL, 36830; Telephone 334-844-2431,
http://www.aabi.aero/programs.html for all our degree programs.

The David B. O'Maley College of Business offers two Bachelor of Science degrees, which are Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration. These degree programs offer graduates the specialized knowledge desired in the aviation industry along with the management and business general knowledge valuable to employers in any industry. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration combines a rigorous business/management core with depth of focus through the three majors in Management, Marketing and Accounting/Finance. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration offers a major in Air Transportation, and a major in Supply Chain Management in Aviation and Aerospace.

The Master in Business Administration is intended to give individuals who already hold undergraduate degrees, often in technical areas like engineering, the tools necessary to become a credible professional manager in aviation, aerospace, or related industries. The MBA program of study combines common general management courses with specializations in Airline Management, Airport Management,  Aviation Systems Management, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. For those seeking an MBA with a specific industry focus, the MBA in Aviation Management is now offered exclusively on the Daytona Beach Campus.

The Master of Science in Aviation Finance is intended for students wishing to pursue a dedicated curriculum in aviation finance through coursework that presents key material with applications in aviation/aerospace.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation Business Administration has been designed to accommodate working professionals who seek to advance their knowledge and conduct high-quality research in aviation business while being employed. Industry, military and government professionals with academic credentials, potentials and passion for aviation business research would find this Ph.D. program very attractive and rewarding. The flexible, mainly off-campus and hybrid delivery of this program enables the candidate students to continue their profession while pursuing their doctoral degrees. Domestic or international students with a prior Master’s degree in a related business are eligible to be accepted into the Ph.D. program in both hybrid and traditional residential modes.



B.S. in Aviation Business Administration
B.S. in Business Administration


Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management
Master of Science in Aviation Finance

Accelerated Masters Option

B.S./Master of Business Administration

Combined Masters Options

B.S. in Aeronautics/M.B.A.
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering/M.B.A.
B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Science/M.B.A
B.S. in Civil Engineering/M.B.A.
B.S. in Communication/M.B.A.
B.S. in Computational Math/M.B.A.
B.S. in Computational Math/M.S. in Aviation Finance
B.S. in Computer Engineering/M.B.A.
B.S. in Computer Science/M.B.A.
B.S. in Electrical Engineering/M.B.A.
B.S. in Global Conflict Studies/M.B.A.
B.S. in Homeland Security/M.B.A.
B.S. in Human Factors Psychology/M.B.A.
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies/M.B.A.
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering/M.B.A.
B.S. in Software Engineering/M.B.A.

Dual Masters

Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Business Administration


Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration