B.S. in Computational Math/MSAF

The Business Administration minor or the Finance minor must be selected as the minor field of study to prepare the student for this degree option.

A student who has earned a minimum of 75 credit hours with at least a 3.00 CGPA and after taking the GMAT may apply for admission through the Graduate Admissions office. The application must accompany 2 letters of recommendation from faculty in both the undergraduate and graduate programs to indicate (1) the applicant’s potential to successfully complete graduate-level work, and (2) evidence that the applicant has attained the foundational competencies for graduate degree studies.

The undergraduate course options shown below are the recommended classes for students to prepare for this degree option. The Business Administration transition courses listed are to be taken in place of the open electives noted in the B.S. in Computational Math undergraduate degree plan. Not following the suggested course of study will require the student to take additional courses to prepare for the Master of Science in Aviation Finance.

Suggested Course of Study

Social Sciences
EC 210Microeconomics (or)3
Macroeconomics (or Lower- Level Social Sciences)
Option 1 - Minor in Business Administration
ACC 210Financial Accounting3
BA 201Principles of Management3
BA 220Marketing3
BA 225Business Law3
FIN 332Corporate Finance I3
Option 2 - Minor in Finance
ACC 210Financial Accounting3
ACC 312Managerial Accounting3
BA 201Principles of Management3
FIN 332Corporate Finance I3
FIN 434Corporate Finance II3
Business Administration Transition
ACC 517Accounting for Decision Making3
FIN 518Managerial Finance3
BA 523Advanced Aviation Economics3
Year Five
Students must fulfill the required MBA core classes listed below and any remaining courses from the transitional period that have not been completed:
FIN 615Investments3
FIN 618Advanced Corporate Finance3
FIN 620Air Transport Economic Modeling3
Optional Electives
BA 514Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation3
BA 609Airline Operations and Management3
FIN 621International Aviation Finance3
FIN 622Aircraft and Airline Financing3
FIN 623Aircraft Funding Legal and Financial Analysis3
Concluding Degree Requirement
FIN 699Special Topics in Finance (or)1-6
or FIN 696 Graduate Internship in Finance
Total Degree Credits **144

If the student chooses to leave the program before the completion of the MSAF program and has acquired the minimal hours required for graduation with the BS in Computational Math, any MSAF transition courses used to meet graduation requirements will be noted as undergraduate courses for the purpose of graduation.