M.S. in Computer Science

Students will:

  • Have an ability to apply fundamental computer science professional practices to analyze, design, and implement security-critical systems.
  • Have an ability to apply knowledge of advanced topics in cybersecurity engineering and/or computer science.
  • Have an ability to communicate effectively on issues pertaining to computer science and/or cybersecurity.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Computer Science degree is granted to students who complete the coursework described below. The program consists of nine hours of core courses, nine hours of Area of Concentration courses, and nine hours of open electives for the Graduate Research Project Option or six hours of open electives for the Thesis Option.

Program Core Requirements

CS 529Computer Security3
SE 530Software Requirements Engineering3
SYS 505System Safety and Certification3
Total Credits9

Area of Concentration

Students may choose one of the two Areas of Concentration as shown below.

Computer Science

CS 555Artificial Intelligence3
CS 600Advanced Algorithms3
DS 615Data Modeling3
Total Credits9

Cybersecurity Engineering

CS 527System Exploitation and Penetration Testing3
CS 532Software Security Assessment3
CS 538Applied Cryptography3
Total Credits9

Students may choose the Graduate Research Project or Thesis option, as shown below.

Graduate Research Project Option

Program Core9
Area of Concentration9
Open Electives9
CS 690Graduate Research Project3
Total Credits30

Thesis Option

Program Core9
Area of Concentration9
Open Electives6
CS 700Graduate Thesis6
Total Credits30