Dual Masters in Engineering and Business Administration

Dual Master of Science (MS) in Engineering and Master of Business Administration (MBA) option (this option is available for every Master of Science in Engineering degree program listed in the catalog)

For exceptional students enrolled in an engineering Master of Science degree program, the College of Engineering and the David B. O'Maley College of Business offer the opportunity to simultaneously pursue a Master of Science in Engineering (Aerospace, Civil, Computer, Cybersecurity, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, Software, Systems, Unmanned Autonomous Systems) and a Master of Business Administration.

With this option, the student will take a total of 30 credits to obtain a MS in Engineering and an additional 21 credits to obtain an MBA. Twelve (12) credits from the MS in Engineering will count towards the MBA's total requirement of 33 credits.  One of those courses has to be BA 511 and the remaining 3 courses have to be approved by both the MBA program coordinator and the respective MS in Engineering program coordinator. See specific description below.

Graduate students may apply to the Dual MS in Engineering and MBA option by submitting an application to both, the respective engineering and business graduate program coordinator. Students must have completed 12 credit hours toward the respective MS in Engineering degree and must have a 3.0 minimum GPA to be admitted to the dual degree program. Students will be dropped from the program if their GPA falls below 3.0. In addition, students will also have to complete the MBA Prep-Series successfully before being admitted to the MBA program.

Dual Degree Program Description:

MS in Engineering Degree Requirements (for each discipline) (30 credits):

These courses include required and elective credits as specified by each graduate engineering program and as per respective graduate program coordinator approval.

BA 511 - Operations Research (3 credits), which can satisfy one of the electives or a math requirement for MS in engineering students.

MBA Degree Requirements (21 additional credits):

ACC 517Accounting for Decision Making3
BA 514Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation3
BA 520Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Applications in Aviation3
BA 523Advanced Aviation Economics3
BA 635Business Policy and Decision Making3
or BA 636 Venture Creation - an Entrepreneurial Approach to Starting and Building a New Enterprise
FIN 518Managerial Finance3
and 1 Business Elective from the list below:3
International Management and Aviation Policy
Airline Operations and Management
Airline Optimization and Simulation Systems
Aviation/Aerospace Systems Analysis
Airport Operations and Management
Air Cargo Logistics Management
Airline/Airport Relations
Supply Chain Management
Graduate Internship in Aviation Business Administration
Advanced Corporate Finance
*Total for MS in Engineering and MBA:51
* 30 MS Engineering credits, (9 Engineering credits and BA 511 count toward both degrees) and 21 MBA credits.