M.S. in Software Engineering

Students will:

  • Apply software engineering processes to the development of highly reliable software-intensive systems.
  • Evaluate the appropriate software engineering methods, techniques, and tools to develop highly reliable software systems throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Communicate effectively as an individual and to perform successfully as part of a team.
  • Evaluate software engineering methods, techniques, and tools as they relate to the management of software-intensive systems development.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 18 credit hours of core courses.

CS 532Software Security Assessment3
SE 510Software Project Management3
SE 525Software Quality Engineering and Assurance3
SE 530Software Requirements Engineering3
SE 610Software Systems Architecture and Design3
SE 650Current Trends in Software Engineering3
Total Credits18

Non-Thesis Option

SE 690Graduate Research Project3
or SE 697 Software Engineering Practicum
Specified Software Engineering Electives9
Total Credits12

Thesis Option

SE 700Graduate Thesis6
Specified Software Engineering Electives6

Specified Software Engineering Electives

Select from the following list of specified electives:6-9
DS 544Data Visualization3
DS 615Data Modeling3
DS 625Data Compression for Image and Signal Processing3
SE 500Software Engineering Discipline3
SE 505Model-Based Verification of Software3
SE 520Formal Methods for Software Engineering3
SE 535User Interface Design and Evaluation3
SE 545Specification and Design of Real-Time Systems3
SE 555Object-Oriented Software Construction3
SE 590Graduate Seminar3
SE 599Special Topics in Software Engineering3
SE 696Graduate Internship in Software Engineering1-3
SE 699Special Topics in Software Engineering3
CS 527System Exploitation and Penetration Testing3
CS 528Multi-Agent Systems3
CS 529Computer Security3
CS 538Applied Cryptography3
CS 540Database and Information Retrieval3
CS 602Big Data Analytics for Cybersecurity3
SYS 505System Safety and Certification3

Note: Other electives may be authorized based on the student’s background, program of study, performance during the MSSE, and approval of the MSSE program coordinator.