M.S. in Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems Engineering

Students will:

  • Apply fundamental engineering practices to analyze, design, and support the implementation and development of uncrewed and/or autonomous systems.
  • Solve engineering problems in uncrewed/autonomous systems using knowledge gained on advanced topics covered from the program's core and chosen electives.
  • Communicate issues pertaining to uncrewed and autonomous systems to peers.
  • Implement safe systems through analysis and design techniques.

Program Requirements

The program supports the Thesis and Graduate Project options

Core Requirements15
AE/EE/ME 527Modern Control Systems3
CEC 528Networks3
EE 528Sensors and Data Links3
ME 503Introduction to Autonomous Vehicle Systems3
SYS 505System Safety and Certification3
Thesis Option
One (1) Approved Elective3
One (1) Open Elective *3
EGR 600Research Methods for Engineers3
UAS 700Thesis3
UAS 700Thesis3
Graduate Project Option
Two (2) Approved Electives6
Two (2) Open Electives *6
UAS 690Graduate Project3
Total Credits30

Approved Electives

Approved Electives
AE 506Airplane Dynamic Stability3
AE 553Hybrid and Urban Air Mobility3
AE 623Navigation, Guidance and Control3
AE 626Advanced Topics in Discrete Control Theory3
CEC 500Engineering Project Management3
CEC 526Sensor Data Fusion3
CEC 527Mobile Sensor Networks3
CEC 530Image Processing and Machine Vision3
CEC 610State and Parameter Estimation3
CS 528Multi-Agent Systems3
CS 529Computer Security3
CS 555Artificial Intelligence3
EE 500Digital Control Systems3
EE 505Advanced Mechatronics3
EE 510Linear Systems3
EE 515Random Signals3
EE 525Avionics and Radio Navigation3
EE 529Electro-Optical Systems3
EE 625Satellite-Based Communications and Navigation3
ME 513Perception Methods for Autonomous Systems3
ME 520Sensor Processing with Applications3
ME 523Modeling and Simulation of Linear Dynamic Systems3
ME 610Automation and Additive Manufacturing3
ME 615Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning3
SYS 500Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
SYS 530System Requirements Analysis and Modeling3
SYS 560Introduction to Systems Engineering Management3
SYS 610System Architecture Design and Modeling3
SYS 625System Quality Assurance3

Open electives are 500-level or higher courses relevant to uncrewed and/or autonomous systems. Students should see their advisor to determine the suitability of their open electives.