Cybersecurity Engineering

The minor in Cybersecurity Engineering is open to all majors. Students in this program will be learning the fundamentals of engineering cybersecurity to defend a range of computer systems. The acquired knowledge can be used for enhancing security of computer-based systems, including that of aviation and aerospace systems, as well as security of general purpose infrastructures and systems. The minor recognizes the need for introducing students to both defense and offense aspects of cybersecurity as such skills are needed in both the industry and government. Students may earn a minor in Cybersecurity Engineering by completing 16 credits as indicated in the following list:

Required courses
CS 225Computer Science II4
CS 317Files and Database Systems3
Choose three of the following Electives9
Cryptography and Network Security
Digital Forensics
System Exploitation and Penetration Testing
Applied Cryptography
Information and Computer Security
Total Credits16