Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) can provide engineering undergraduate students with a fundamental knowledge of ECE in electricity, signals, circuits, and systems as well as a broader knowledge in a specific area of ECE. Engineering students may earn a minor in ECE by taking two required fundamental courses, one required depth course, and two elective courses, as listed below. Typical completion of the minor will require 15-19 credits, depending on the number of laboratory courses that are selected.

Required Fundamental Courses6-7
Signals and Systems
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
and Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory
Linear Circuits Analysis I
and Electrical Engineering Laboratory I
Required Depth Course (Choose one of the following):4
Digital Circuit Design
and Digital Circuit Design Laboratory
Electronic Devices and Circuits
and Electronic Circuits Laboratory
Elective Courses6
**Any 300/400/500 level CEC or EE courses
Total Credits16-17

For the purpose of this minor only, EE 327/328 satisfy the EE 302/EE 304 prerequisite requirement.


Suggested pairs of courses are maintained by the ECSSE department and are available to students from the advisor for the ECE Minor.