Human Factors

Students may earn a minor in Human Factors by successfully completing the two specified courses and an additional three courses from the following list, totaling 15 credit hours. Three credits of HF 299, HF 399, or HF 499 and any HF experimental courses at or above the 300 level may be used to complete the electives portion of the minor with advance permission of the department chair.

Specified Courses
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology3
HF 300Human Factors I: Principles and Fundamentals3
Select three of the following:9
Human-Computer Interaction
Ergonomics and Bioengineering
Automation and Systems Issues in Aviation
Human Factors and System Safety
Human Performance in Extreme Environments
Human Factors in Space
Human Factors in Air Traffic Control
Human Factors in Entertainment Systems
Human Factors Engineering: Crew Station Design
Simulating Humans in Complex Systems
Human Factors in Simulation Systems
Applied Ergonomic Design, Analysis, and Evaluation
Aerospace Physiology
Human Factors in Aviation Safety
Total Credits15