Professional Programs

As part of Embry-Riddle’s commitment to continuing professional education and lifelong learning, the Daytona Beach Campus Professional Programs network offers exceptional educational opportunities for professionals and organizations in the aviation and aerospace industries.

The professional education curriculum is tailored for industry professionals involved in the operations and management of aviation organizations.

Flexible training options include:

  • Short-courses, seminars & workshops
  • Certificate programs
  • Customized corporate training

The learning environment at the Daytona Beach Campus offers participants numerous benefits, including face-to-face interactions with subject-matter experts, hands-on experiences, active classroom discussions, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and access to technical and research lab facilities and technologies.
Daytona Beach Professional Education Course and Workshop information:

Embry-Riddle offers open-enrollment short-courses designed for professionals, as well as being able to develop and deliver customized training solutions to meet the training needs of an organization. To learn more about our customized training solutions, contact