Graduation Requirements and Honors

Graduation Requirements

The following summary of graduation requirements is provided for all students. An Embry-Riddle master's degree will be conferred upon the successful completion of the general requirements of the University and the specific requirements of the degree sought.

  1. All course, thesis, GRP, GCP and other academic requirements, as appropriate, must be met.
  2. The student is not on negative academic standing.
  3. All debts and obligations to the University are satisfied.
  4. The student is not under University investigation for misconduct or other disciplinary matters.
  5. A student must be enrolled in the term in which he/she graduates.
  6. An application for graduation must be initiated by the student and received in the time limit specified by the appropriate campus records office.
  7. Participation in graduation exercises will not be permitted, a diploma will not be awarded, nor a transcript annotated as complete, until all of the degree requirements have been satisfied.

Graduation Honors

Students who have completed a master's degree program and who have excelled academically throughout their graduate careers are recognized through the publication of graduation honors on the transcript and in the commencement program. To be eligible, graduate students must have completed their degree program with a cumulative grade point average of 4.00 based on grades received in all courses at the graduate level.