The EAGLEcard, which you will receive at orientation, is the official Embry-Riddle University identification card for all students. It should be readily available at all times to present to University officials who may request verification. The EAGLEcard is the property of Embry-Riddle University, which reserves the right to revoke use of the EAGLEcard on any of its accounts at any time. Only the individual to whom it is issued may use the EAGLEcard. Other uses include:

  • Activity Card: Your EAGLEcard allows you access to student activities, events, games, voting, and other services provided by Embry-Riddle.

  • Access Card: If you reside in on-campus University housing, your EAGLEcard will give you access to your residence hall and Tallman Commons. Also, certain labs and buildings require the use of an EAGLEcard for entry.

  • Library: You must present your EAGLEcard each time you check out library materials.

  • Prepaid Debit Card: Your EAGLEcard offers  a debit account that is  managed by the University. There are no cash withdraws from  this account. The EAGLE Dollar account can be used at any University point of sale, including vending, dining locations, and the University bookstore. The  EAGLE Dollar account is also accepted as payment by some of the local merchants in the Daytona Beach area; see our website for a complete listing:  http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/about/eaglecard/index.html.
  • Meal Plans: These are accessed via your EAGLEcard. (See the Dining Services section for more information regarding meal plans.)


The EAGLE Dollars minimum deposit is $5.00. Deposits to this account can be made via the Web on your ERNIE homepage. Also, surplus Financial Aid funds can be transferred to this account.


The cardholder must present their EAGLEcard at the time of purchase. All sales transactions charged to an account through the use of the EAGLEcard are final at the point and time of sale. The cardholder is responsible for observing the amount charged during the transaction and monitoring balances. A cardholder can check their account balances online via the cardholder’s University Blackboard account. Up to 90 days’ history is available. A cardholder is responsible for all transactions.


The cardholder can obtain a detailed statement of their debit transactions through their ERNIEaccount. Up to 180days’ of history is available.

Account Closing and Refund

Your funds in an EAGLEcard account are not transferable and there are no cash withdrawals permitted from the account(s). The funds will stay there semester-to-semester, year-to-year, and will not be refunded unless the cardholder withdraws, graduates, or is dismissed from the University, with proof required. A request for a refund must be submitted to the EAGLEcard Office in writing. A $10.00 processing fee will be applied to any remaining funds in your EAGLEDollars account. A one-time fee of $25.00 will be applied to any remaining funds on an inactive account, (an EAGLEcard is inactive after two years of non-use). The remaining balance will be processed in accordance with the Florida statute(s) regarding abandoned property.

Lost or Stolen Card

The cardholder is required to immediately contact the EAGLEcard Office during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), the Safety Communication Office after business hours, or via the Web through the cardholders ERNIE account, if an EAGLEcard is lost or stolen. This action will suspend the card until it is reactivated at the EAGLEcard Office. The cardholder is responsible for all transactions charged to their accounts prior to proper notification to the EAGLEcard Office, the Safety Office, or via the Web. Once the card has been reported as lost or stolen, all accounts and privileges accessed with use of the EAGLEcard will be suspended.

Replacement of Lost/Stolen or Replacement Cards

A replacement fee of $15.00 will be charged for lost cards. The fee will be waived if a card was reported as stolen and a report number was issued by a government agency. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged for damaged cards if the cardholder turns in the non-functioning card to the EAGLEcard Off

Error Resolution

If you feel there has been an error on your account, please notify the EAGLEcard Office within 60 days from the date of the transaction in question. In order to resolve the problem we will require the following:

  • Name, student ID number
  • Description of the error or transaction in question
  • Dollar amount of the transaction in question
  • A clear explanation of why you believe there is an error

Disclosure of Accounting Information to Third Parties

The University will disclose information to third parties about the account holder’s account(s) or the transfer made only:

  1. in order to comply with court orders or other applicable laws, or
  2. if the account holder gives written or verbal permission, or
  3. if the student’s account receivables is in the third party’s name.

All policies and procedures are subject to change.