Health and Wellbeing

Center for Faith and Spirituality 

The purpose of the Center for Faith and Spritiuality is to encourage and support students in nurturing their spirit, that part of the self that seeks meaning, purpose and connection. The Chaplains are available for individual conversations and counseling, small group discussions, and student group presentations and collaborations. The Center for Faith and Spirituality also offers assistance to students looking to connect with a faith-based student organization on campus and/or a faith community off campus. The Chaplains work to promote mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between students of different spiritual and ethical beliefs.

Counseling Services

The mission of the Counseling Center is to foster student development, growth, and learning. The department provides a calm, safe, supportive environment for students to discuss and explore issues affecting their mental health, wellness, interpersonal relationships, and their academic performance, persistence, and success. Counseling services are short-term in nature; eight-session limit per semester, and four-session limit per summer term.  Information shared in counseling, including the fact that a student received services, is confidential. Counseling records are separate from academic and administrative records. For students needing more extensive and specialized treatments, referrals to community counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are available.The Counseling Center also promotes mental health awareness and wellness through campus-wide activities, programs and presentations. Daily wellness posts are available on the department’s Facebook, and a variety of mental health assessments and resources are also available on the department’s website, via ERNIE. 

Disability Support Services

The University is committed to ensuring access and providing reasonable accommodation for students with documented disabilities who request assistance. The Director serves as the advocate of Disability Support Services (DSS) at the Daytona Beach residential campus, Worldwide Campuses, and online.

Students’ needs are addressed on an individual basis with regard to their specific disabilities, academic and career goals, learning styles, and objectives for personal development. Campus-specific services include academic advisement or assistance with planning academic schedules, registration assistance and advance registration, academic intervention programs, time management training, study skills assistance, arrangements for peer tutoring, testing modifications, advocacy, and facilitation of physical access. In addition, DSS supports returning veterans in need of service.

Because certain academic programs are FAA-certified, those programs are subject to regulation by that agency. Therefore, regulatory limitations may delay or preclude participation or licensure in those programs by persons with certain disabilities.

Prospective students considering a program of study are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Services staff for information on policies and procedures, eligibility concerns, or campus-specific services. All information is confidential and not for inclusion in the students’ University records.

Health Services

Maintaining optimum health promotes a productive university experience. Health Services promotes student wellness through direct care, education, and assistance with lifestyle modification.

Services include medical diagnostic assessment, prescriptive and nursing care, referrals, wellness education and counseling, women’s health care, medical grounding of flight students, and assistance with aerospace medical concerns.

Students must satisfy the mandatory immunization requirement prior to arriving on campus. The Medical Report form supplied by University Admissions indicates the immunizations that students must document in order to reside in University-managed housing.

Prospective flight students should note that certain sensory impairments, medical, neurobiological, and psychological conditions, and the use of mitigating prescriptive medications may delay or preclude medical certification by the FAA. These issues should be discussed with an aviation medical examiner (AME) to ensure participation in flight instruction. Students may also contact the Health Services clinical staff for information on eligibility for medical certification by calling (386) 226-7917.

Health Insurance Requirement for Students

All students must have health insurance and provide proof of coverage on an annual basis; coverage must be continuous throughout enrollment at Embry-Riddle. The University recommends that students who are currently insured contact their plan administrator to ascertain benefits and limitations while enrolled. Some plans cover only emergency room care or require extended waits to become established with a local provider; many plans reimburse services received out-of-network at a lower rate or not at all.

All students are automatically enrolled in the University’s student health insurance plan. Students with comparable private insurance may waive out of this plan to have the premium removed from their account. Prior to completing the waiver request, we encourage students and/or their parents to review the University’s basic student plan and major medical options at www.uhcsr.com. The waiver request must be received and approved by the semester deadline. Failure to waive the insurance by the semester deadline will result in the nonrefundable insurance fee remaining on the student’s account. Embry-Riddle is not responsible for insurance waivers that are submitted after the deadline. The waiver can be found in WebAdvisor by logging onto ERNIE (domestic students only).

International students (with and F-1 or a J-1 visa) must present their policy in person or via e-mail at the Immigration Services office( the HUB, building 273, dbiss@erau.edu). Please be sure to have the following items on your policy for the waiver:

  • Provide the toll-free telephone number in the United States of your insurance company.
  • The policy must have coverage for sicknesses, injuries, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.
  • The amount of health insurance coverage requirements is a minimum of $100,000 up to $200,000 the amount has to be in dollar, no other currency accepted).  
  • Please provide the website address information for your insurance company.