Unmanned Aircraft Flight (UA)


UA 101  Remote Pilot Operations  1 Credit (0,1)

This course develops the aeronautical knowledge required for certification as a Remote Pilot with a small Unmanned Aircraft rating. Topics include; regulations, airspace, weather, safety, chart use, communications, performance, airworthiness, and decision-making. Students will be required to pass the Unmanned Aircraft General exam.
Corequisites: AS 220 and proof of US citizenship.

UA 201  Mapping Applications and Data Collection with UAS  1 Credit (0,1)

This course trains aspiring remote pilots to apply UAS technology to meet contemporary commercial objectives. The course includes hands on acquisition of geospatial data as well as processing and synthesizing captured data to develop commercial products.
Prerequisites: UA 101 and proof of US citizenship Corequisites: AS 390.

UA 301  Complex UAS Flight Operations  1 Credit (0,1)

During this course, the student will obtain the foundation for all future unmanned aviation training. The student will be introduced to the fundamentals of flight and become proficient in basic maneuvers and operating procedures required for solo flight of a complex unmanned aircraft system. The student will receive training in safety awareness, single-remote pilot resource management, and aeronautical decision making.
Prerequisites: UA 201 and proof of US citizenship.

UA 401  UAS Mission Application  1 Credit (0,1)

This laboratory addresses advanced Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) application techniques and procedures. Students will complete UAS operations focused on payload employment with the expectation that they have gained proficiency in the UAS' flight management system.
Prerequisites: UA 301 and proof of US citizenship.