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University Student Success (UNIV)

University Student Success Courses

UNIV 101  College Success  1 Credit (1,0)

A course in which students assess and develop the personal, interpersonal, intellectual, and social skills necessary to succeed in college. Time management, study skills, goal clarification, career information, and college resources are included. This course is available to freshmen only.

UNIV 195A  Professional Development Mentorship  1 Credit (1,0)

Investigation of academic disciplines and professional interests of the students. Topics also include improving study skills (learning how to learn); becoming a mentor for other students (and thus developing their own mentorship abilities); service learning opportunities on campus; and connecting academics and career plans. The course involves group and/or individual meetings to explore readings and to help develop a student's identity and sense of purpose.

UNIV 199  Special Topics in College Success  1-6 Credit

Individual independent or directed studies of selected topics.