Engineering Science

This minor will provide knowledge in basic fundamentals of Engineering. Students earn this minor by completing a total of 15 credit hours as follows:

ES 201Statics3
or ES 207 Fundamentals of Mechanics
Specified Electives 200 level or above6
Specified Electives 300 level or above6
Total Credits15

Specified electives - please select from list below:

ES 202Solid Mechanics3
ES 204Dynamics3
ES 205Thermodynamics3
ES 2063
ES 306Fiber Optics3
ES 3123
or ES 403 Heat Transfer
ES 315Space Environment and Effects3
ES 320Engineering Materials Science2
ES 321Engineering Materials Science Laboratory1
ES 412Structural Dynamics3

Note: This minor is not open to students pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.