Global Business

A minor in Global Business provides the students with skills and knowledge appropriate for global business activities. Emphasis is placed on global awareness, cross-cultural literacy, and core business skills in both aviation/aerospace and non-aviation industries. Students usually select minors that complement their degree program or other minors they are pursuing. The Global Business minor is a great complement for students pursuing degrees in Global Security and Intelligence Studies, Aeronautics, Aeronautical Science, Engineering, etc. 

Students may earn a minor in Global Business by successfully completing the following:

ACC 210Financial Accounting3
or BA 311 Marketing
BA 201Principles of Management3
BA 335International Business3
EC 210Microeconomics3
or EC 200 An Economic Survey
or EC 211 Macroeconomics
or EC 225 Engineering Economics
Specified Electives6
Total Credits18

Specified Electives*

BA 341Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
BA 370Machine Learning and Big Data3
BA 441Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
BA 442Global Marketing Management3
FIN 342International Finance3
Study Abroad (BA/EC) as approved by Department 3

Notes: Not open to students pursuing a degree in Global Business.

At least 9 credit hours must be taken at ERAU Prescott. At least 6 credits hours must fall outside (cannot be shared with) the student’s primary degree program and selected concentration.