Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

The Uncrewed Aircraft Systems minor provides the students with an education and training on the various UAS platforms and applications currently employed by federal, state, local and private agencies. This minor will have both classroom and laboratory/simulation classes. This minor is designed for students of all majors wishing to become uncrewed aircraft pilots or mission payload operators.

AS 120Principles of Aeronautical Science3-5
or AS 121 Private Pilot Operations
or AS 125 Private and UAS Pilot Operations
or AS 143 Private Helicopter Operations
AS 220Uncrewed Aircraft Systems3
AS 235Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Operation and Cross-Country Data Entry3
AS 324Global Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations3
AS 403Uncrewed Sensing Systems3
GEO 210Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
Total Credits18-20